Indonesian Corporate Training in Sydney

(Language & Culture)

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Indonesian Course

 Planning to expand to Indonesia? Have a lot of Indonesian clients?

Want to step ahead from your competitors and reach one of the fastest-growing economy?


Indonesian Language Consultancy can help you organise:

  • Indonesian language training and/or
  • Indonesian cultural training (focusing on business aspects)

What’s special about our Indonesian Corporate Training?

At Indonesian Language Consultancy, we take your interest to learn Indonesian very seriously.

  • We are passionate about helping our students learn how to communicate in Indonesian for different purposes.
  • We customise our training materials and flashcards according to individual needs.
  • We are experienced in helping students with unique case, purpose and background.
  • Our trainer is knowledgeable about aspects of Indonesian culture that affect the way work is done.
  • Our courses are designed to help adults understand the foundation of Indonesian, including the cultural aspects that influence the way Idonesians communicate with each other.
  • We produce Indonesian learning resources with a solid objective – to make learning Indonesian easier for people around the world. Click the links below for more information.

Our training is suitable for:

  • Directors
  • Executives
  • Senior Managers
  • Managers
  • Employees of all level

Our Clients:


Location of training:


Class Format:

One to one | Small Group (1-6 people) | Big Group (7-15 people)

Class Level:

Beginner | Pre-Intermediate | Intermediate | Advanced | Colloquial | Conversational


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Gerry Yuwono – Founder of Indonesian Language Consultancy

Gerry has provided training for students from different backgrounds such as: Year 7-9 students, HSC Students (Beginners to Continuers), University students (All Level), Adults (All Level), Indonesian born in Australia, people who are married to an Indonesian and many more. He provided corporate language training (Indonesian) for renowned companies such as Meat and Livestock Australia, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, KPMG and Insurance Australia Group (IAG), KEUNE Australia and New Zealand, Global Aviation Spares and USANA. He has also conducted Cultural Training for Optus (Australia to Indonesia) and Commonwealth Bank (Indonesia to Australia).

Read more about Gerry here.

Our Program:

We understand that different companies have different needs. Unfortunately, adequate knowledge of the basics of the Indonesian language is needed before any corporate students can comprehend aspects of the language in their specific industry. Below are some topics that we believe are fundamental for any beginners in Indonesian (including corporate students).


  • Introduction to Bahasa Indonesia
  • Numbers & Possession
  • Adjective
  • I like… & Talking about time
  • Talking about the past
  • Talking about the future
  • Talking about the present
  • Using Indonesian question words


  • Conducting business in Indonesia
  • The issue of punctuality & indirectness
  • Personal pride and its implication
  • Dealing with hidden social structure
  • The importance of social acceptance
  • Why work?
  • Anticipating the future
  • Expressing empathy

Our topics are not limited to what we have provided above and is also subject to the student’s current level. Prior to organising the training, we always organise a couple of meetings to discuss the training program and see how we can adjust our fundamental program according to the company’s needs and wants.

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