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Gerry Yuwono is the founder of Indonesian Language Consultancy (ILC). He is a native speaker of Indonesian with more than 9 years experience teaching Indonesian as second language for adults from diverse backgrounds, university students and high school students. Gerry is also the author of ILC’s training materials from Beginners to Advanced level. Many of his students have been studying with him for at least 2 years and found him as a personable and insightful teacher.

Gerry has a Bachelor of Commerce (Management) from the University of Sydney and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Australian Catholic University. He is very passionate about language and culture and has the capability to articulate his understanding of aspects of Indonesian language and culture that are usually hidden in the subconscious. Gerry does not take his native language for granted and is able to see the language from the perspective of an English speaker. He is always excited to get questions and would try his best to get all the questions answered. 

Gerry strongly believes that everyone can learn Indonesian. Although some people might be more talented in language than others, through his experience in teaching Indonesian, he found that perseverance, purpose and interest are more essential for learning a new language. He is always excited to see progress in his students but he also understands that progress can be relative to each person. With that understanding in mind, he is always ready to change his style and method to suit the learning style and capacity of his students. 

Gerry has provided training for students from diverse backgrounds such as: Year 7-10 students, HSC Students (All level), University students (All Level), Adults (All Level), Indonesian born in Australia, people who are married to an Indonesian and many more. He provided corporate language training for renowned companies such as Meat and Livestock Australia, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, KPMG and Insurance Australia Group (IAG), KEUNE Australia and New Zealand, Global Aviation Spares Pty Ltd and USANA Australia Pty Ltd. He has also conducted Cultural Training for Optus (Australia to Indonesia) and Commonwealth Bank (Indonesia to Australia).

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