Indonesian Beginners Listening Exercises and Materials (e-book)


About the Materials

Drawing from the experiences of its author, the book aims to serve the need for comprehensive Indonesian listening materials. Throughout his experience in teaching Indonesian as second language, the author realised that many of his students are already proficient in reading, writing and speaking but somehow lack greatly in listening. With this in mind, he decided to create a set of materials that focuses mainly on Indonesian listening for all levels (starting from beginners).

Who is this for?

– People who have had from 2 to 10 hours worth of training in beginners level,

– People who are using any self-study method available for the Indonesian language,

– Upper beginner to intermediate learners who would like to further improve their listening skills,

– Anyone who are passionate about Indonesia and their language.

What is included?

– MP3 files (80 tracks -2 hours & 34 minutes)

– PDF copy of the e-book with 20 chapters (80 pages) in total

– Access to each chapter’s Quizlet™

– Answer Key, Glossary & Transcript

Number of pages:

135 pages

Note: ILC does not recommend any user to use this e-book as their primary learning material for Indonesian. This e-book should only be taken as a support material.


  1. Imogen (verified owner)

    The listening exercises and materials by Indonesian Language Consultancy were very helpful to brush up on my basic Indonesian. The format is easy to understand and runs through language lessons in a logical way, getting progressively more challenging as the book goes on. The speech is slower then normal but a good pace for beginners and is still authentic sounding. Small language lessons and facts throughout the book compliment the exercises well as the explain rules and inconsistencies.

  2. Roger (verified owner)

    I’ve always found that listening and understanding (oral comprehension) is the most difficult part of learning a new language. Pak Gerry and his team want to make it easy. Their graded series of resources are the perfect way for beginners and intermediate speakers to improve their listening and comprehension skills. Thank you – these exercises will be really useful for me!

  3. Helen (verified owner)

    The teaching materials that accompany the ILC course are useful, effective and fun. The listening exercises are great for comprehension and working out the meanings of new words. The quizlet app is very effective for memorisation of vocabulary. The format of the chapters makes it very easy to concentrate and apply new learning.

  4. Jamie (verified owner)

    I must say, you have done a great job putting a simple and easy to understand beginners listening materials together. I think this materials is perfect for first time students who wish to learn Bahasa Indonesia. So far I have found the materials very well presented for a beginner and it is easy to understand which I believe will be a big hit in the classroom or training environment. Even at home studying by yourself it is easy to follow so well done to you and your team.

  5. Liz (verified owner)

    I strongly recommend these Indonesian language materials for all students beginning their journey to master Bahasa Indonesia. The audio materials are clear and easy to understand. The written materials, prepared by experienced Indonesian language teacher, Bapak Gerry Yuwono, establish important and easy to follow, building blocks, for developing skills in mastering Indonesian. I highly recommend these materials.

  6. Betsy (verified owner)

    I love it cuz it has no time limit. I can do it over and over again.. keep listening and hearing native Indonesian speaking.. also answer provided means I would know what I would up to. I do learn some new words by this listening book. 🙂

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Yes, you can. Our first and twelfth chapter are available for FREE! The first chapter is suitable for any learners who have learned Indonesian for at least 2 hours, whether it’s by self-study or in class. The twelfth chapter is suitable for any learners who have learned Indonesian for more than 10 hours.

Click here to download our sample materials.

Can I get some sample materials?

All of the exercises in our materials are focused on helping you listen better. Our target is to serve the huge need for decent listening materials for Indonesian learners of all levels including Beginner, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced and Colloquial.

ILC believes that whilst there are many Indonesian learning resources available, there is still a huge need for materials that are solely designed to build learner’s listening skills. Many students have learned Indonesian for years but still struggle with listening. Not to mention that Indonesian conversation tend to vary quite differently to its written form. It is our aim to bridge that gap and help you listen better.

How will I benefit from these exercises?

The vocabularies used in each of the exercises will build up progressively. New words will be introduced in each chapters but they are all relevant to the topics.

For you who have been exposed to the Indonesian language, you might realise that Indonesians tend to add words that do not seem to belong in that particular sentence. Although we fully acknowledge that such is the case, the vocabularies that are used ILC’s materials are chosen carefully to suit the level of the students. You will surely find new words here and there but we also provide supports in knowing the words beforehand by using other platform such as quizlet (link) or by adding word familiarisation exercises before going deeper.

As the level increases, the expectation will then increase. However, we also remember that knowing how the words look like does not mean that learners will automatically know how it will sound like and that is why we are here!

You can find some words that are used in each chapter below:

Chapter 1

bahasa, bapak, berbicara, berlibur, bisa, dan, dari, dia, juga, saya, sekarang, tapi, teman, and many more…

Chapter 2

adik, anak, apa, atau, bahasa, berbicara, bisa, dia, juga, nama, orang, sedikit, tapi, tinggal and many more…

Chapter 10

ada, belum, beberapa, bermain, di luar, harus, jalan, kecil, kedua, kenapa, kurang, minum, yang mana and many more…

Chapter 20

baru, beli, besar, gratis, hadiah, harga, kurang lebih, permisi, setengah, tas, toko, yang mana  and many more…

Do I need to know a lot of Indonesian words to use these exercises?

To ensure (almost) complete understanding of the speeches in the materials, we provide essential grammar supports in the materials wherever necessary. Many of you might have learned Indonesian from somewhere else and we know that.

However, we do not want to assume that everyone understands the Indonesian grammar completely. Therefore, in the materials you will find some boxes with explanations that are aimed to help you understand better (or as a mere refreshment for you). A bit of insight is better than nothing. What you will find:


Grammar in Focus

In this section you will find insight into aspects of Indonesian grammar that are present in the chapter.


 Grammar in Focus

Word in Focus

In this section you will find insight into some Indonesian words that were used in the chapter.


Words in Focus

Preposition in Focus

In this section you will find insight into some Indonesian prepositions that were used in the chapter.


Preposition in Focus

Tip for Learning Indonesian

In this section you will find author’s tip on how to learn Indonesian effectively.


Tip for Learning Indonesian

Important Expression

In this section you will find insight into some Indonesian expressions that were used in the chapter.


Important Expression

Will I get some support with grammar when working on these exercises?

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