Why choose Indonesian Language Consultancy (ILC)?
No Cancellation or Postponement Guarantee

At Indonesian Language Consultancy, we do not take your decision to start learning a new language lightly. We understand that enrolling to a course is not an easy decision and having it cancelled or postponed due to the number of enrolment can be discouraging.  

That is why, we have made a commitment to always start our courses (without any postponement).  We do not schedule a course if we do not have the intention to start and we are good to start with any number of students (yes,  even if we only have one  student enrolled). So, if you enrol to our Indonesian courses, you won't need to wait for any confirmation email. You will only get a reminder email a few days before your course starts. 

Note: We have never cancelled any of our courses since we were first established. We have always started our courses even when we only have one or two students.

Small Class Size Guarantee

We understand that class size is very important in ensuring a good learning atmosphere. Students that attend classes that are too big might end up not getting enough attention. That is why we have made a commitment to keep our classes small.  

Our Indonesian courses will only have maximum of 12 students in one class (but this also means that our courses have limited seats available). So, if you are keen to learn Indonesian with us, enrol as soon as possible and you might also be able to take advantage of our early bird offer.

Continuity Guarantee

Whilst there are many other Indonesian beginners courses available for you to choose in Sydney, there are not many providers of higher level Indonesian courses around. You might be keen to continue learning Indonesian, but the course you want is not being offered.

At Indonesian Language Consultancy, you can be rest assured that you can continue learning Indonesian. We schedule our higher level courses thoughtfully and we are committed to always start our courses and bring our students as far as they like to go. We also develop our materials carefully to help students progress in their learning in a comfortable pace and we keep our lessons interactive, engaging and intriguing so you won't find learning Indonesian boring.

Note: In 2016 we had a Pre-Intermediate 2 course with students who started from Beginners 1 (late 2015) and an Intermediate 2 course with students who started from Beginners 1 (early 2015).

Same Fee Guarantee

Once you have enrolled to one of our courses, you will never need to worry about price increase. The fee for your higher level courses will be the same as the fee of the first course that you attended (for instance, if you started from beginners, you will only need to pay the beginners fee forever). And yes, you can always take advantage of the early bird offer for your next courses.

Highly Experienced Full-Time Trainer

Our trainer spends his time during the week meeting different people to deliver Indonesian language and culture training as well as developing new Indonesian training materials. Teaching Indonesian is not his side job. You can be assured that you are putting your interest to learn Indonesian on someone reliable who invests his time in your language learning journey. Read more about our trainer here.

Specialised in Indonesian

We understand that we cannot do everything at once. If we have too many things at the same time, we will end up losing focus. That is why we decided to focus only on Indonesian. We specialise in delivering Indonesian language and culture training as well as developing new Indonesian training materials.

Up-to-date Materials

Language changes throughout time. Words and expressions that were used before might no longer be used. That is why at Indonesian Language Consultancy we put great importance in keeping our materials up-to-date with the changes that are happening with the language.  We also review and update our materials regularly, basing it on our experience from meeting different students, to make it even more approachable and relevant to our students.

Solid Teaching Method

We know that teaching is not a simple task and we believe that a good trainer needs to have a solid teaching method. Read more about our teaching method here.

Student Focused

If you have tried learning another language before, you might have had an experience where your trainer starts the very first lesson speaking in a language that is totally foreign for you. Whilst this method might work very well for people who are talented in language, we also know that this can be intimidating and discouraging to people. 

At Indonesian Language Consultancy, we strongly believe that everyone can learn Indonesian. Our aim is to help our students, who might have different learning style and capacity, learn Indonesian and reach their goal. Read more about what we believe here.

That is why we won't start our first class in Beginners 1 course in full Indonesian. Our trainer increases his use of Indonesian in the class progressively to ensure every students get similar understanding and do not feel left out if they cannot keep up. As students get into higher level courses, they can expect to hear more Indonesian from our trainer and at the Intermediate Level, 80% of the course is delivered in Indonesian. Read more about our teaching method here.