Indonesian Language Consultancy – Your Indonesian Learning Partner

Indonesian Language Consultancy (ILC) is a Sydney-based institution that specialises in providing quality Indonesian language and cultural training and consultancy to adults from diverse backgrounds, university students and high school students. Our clients range from individuals to large corporations each with varying interests in the language and culture of Indonesia. We aspire to be your Indonesian Learning Partner in both language and culture.

What we believe:
  • We believe that everyone can learn Indonesian. Our courses are not developed only for those who are talented in language. We adjust our approach accordingly to accommodate people with different learning style and capacity. Our aim is to help everyone who want to learn Indonesian reach their goal. 
  • We believe that perseverance, purpose and interest are the keys to learning a new language. 
  • We believe that learning a language needs commitment from both sides.  With this in mind, we are committed to start our classes and update our materials regularly to keep our lessons interactive, engaging and intriguing.
  • We believe that the advancement of technology and accessibility helps everyone greatly in learning a new language and therefore we strive to incorporate technology  in our classes.
  • We believe that real understanding of Indonesian culture can be achieved by learning its language. We also believe that knowledge of artifacts does not necessarily provide sufficient understanding of Indonesian culture. We discuss Indonesian culture by looking into unique words and concepts that portray the way of thinking that might not necessarily exist in the Australian culture.
Our Vision

One day, people from different parts of the world will have greater understanding of Indonesian language and culture which enables them to connect with Indonesian people in a more personal level. 

Our Mission
  • To develop quality Indonesian Training Materials for all levels.
  • To develop quality supplementary materials for learning Indonesian.
  • To provide valuable insights on different aspects of Indonesian language from a native-speaker perspective to enhance learners’ understanding of the way the language is used in real life.
  • To explore the wonders of the language of Indonesia and to bring glory to its Creator.