Intermediate 1


Our Indonesian Intermediate 1 Course is designed for people who have completed our Pre-Intermediate 2 course or equivalent (80-100 hours of training). This course is also suitable for people who want to apply their understanding of Indonesian prefixes and suffixes into everyday context.

Students who join this course usually come from different backgrounds. Learning for travel purposes, having an Indonesian partner, having an Indonesian background and wanting to learn an Asian language are only few of many reasons why people join our Indonesian Intermediate 1 course.

Our Indonesian Intermediate 1 course aims to train students to apply their understanding of prefixes & suffixes covered in our Pre-Intermediate 1 & 2 courses. On top of the main grammar topics, students will also be introduced to a number of Indonesian expressions and colloquialism in context.

Expected outcome

   Further understand prefixes & suffixes

   Understand Indonesian point of view

   Express idea like an Indonesian

 icon-check  Conduct day-to-day conversations

   Listen to day-to-day conversations

   Read & write in Indonesian

Course Content

Lesson 1: Kenalan
Lesson 2: Teman
Lesson 3: Keluarga
Lesson 4: Acara Pribadi
Lesson 5: Acara Keluarga
Lesson 6: Acara Besar
Lesson 7: Kesehatan Pribadi
Lesson 8: Kesehatan Umum

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Mon, 30 Jan 2017

icon-clock-o  Every Monday from 6:30-8:30pm

icon-info-circle  8 sessions, 16 hours in total

icon-group  Max. 12 people (FULL)

icon-user  Gerry Yuwono, Founder of Indonesian Language Consultancy

icon-location-arrow Level 2, 372-374 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000



Mon, 30 Jan 2017

   30-Jan-17| Lesson 1

   6-Feb-17| Lesson 2

   13-Feb-17| Lesson 3

   20-Feb-17 | Lesson 4

  27-Feb-17 | Lesson 5

   6-Mar-17 | Lesson 6

   13-Mar-17 | Lesson 7

   20-Mar-17 | Lesson 8

None of the options suit you?
We can notify you of our next available Indonesian Intermediate 1 course.
Fee & Payment Options

If you would like to enrol to this course, you can choose between the two payment options below:

Bulk Payment


$290/8-class (Early Bird)

If you choose this method, you will be required to make full payment latest 3 working days before the course starts.


    No Cancellation or Postponement Guarantee

    Small Class Size Guarantee

    Continuity Guarantee

    Same Fee Guarantee

  Our Indonesian Intermediate 1 Textbook

 icon-copy  Online flashcards (app available on smartphones)

   Certificate of Completion

 icon-comments-o   Free Personal Email Consultation

 icon-plus   and many more

Seniors & Student Special: 20% OFF Bulk Payment

Pay As You Go


If you choose this method, you will be required to make your payment for the first 2 classes latest 3 working days before the course starts. After the first 2 classes, you can make payment by cash after the end of each class.


    No Cancellation or Postponement Guarantee

    Small Class Size Guarantee

    Continuity Guarantee

    Same Fee Guarantee

 icon-paperclip  Our Indonesian Intermediate 1 Handout

   Online flashcards (app available on smartphones)

   Certificate of Completion

    Free Personal Email Consultation

    and many more

Seniors & Student Special: $35/class (PAYG)
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No Cancellation or Postponement Guarantee*

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happen if the course doesn't have enough enrolment?

At Indonesian Language Consultancy, we want to take this worry from you. So we’ve made a commitment to always start our courses. Once you’ve enrolled to any of our Indonesian courses, you can be rest assured that the course will start and you will not receive any cancellation or postponement email from us even if you’re the only student enrolled to the course.

Read more about our No Cancellation or Postponement Guarantee here.

What is the average class size?

Our Indonesian classes have an average of 7-8 students and we’re not aiming to have too many students at once. The maximum number of students that we can have in a class is 12 students only.

Read more about our Small Class Size Guarantee here.

Do you actually start your higher level courses?

Yes, we do. Low number of enrolment has always been the cause for course providers to cancel their higher level Indonesian courses. However, we do not start our courses based on the number of enrolment. So you can be rest assured that when we schedule a higher level course, the course will start and that you can continue learning Indonesian with us. We schedule our higher level courses thoughtfully to cater for students from different groups and we are committed to bring our students as far as they like to go.

Read more about our Continuity Guarantee here.

The course fee seems to increase for higher levels. If I decided to continue learning after completing one course, do I need to pay more?

Once you have enrolled to one of our courses, you will never need to worry about price increase. The fee for your higher level courses will be the same as the fee of the first course that you attended.

Read more about our Same Fee Guarantee here.

Is the trainer native speaker?

Yes, the trainer for all of our Indonesian courses is a native speaker who works full time as our Indonesian language and culture trainer.

Read more about our trainer here.

Does the course fee include the course materials?

Yes, the course fee includes the course materials so you don’t need to spend another $30-70 for a textbook.

I am not good in learning language but I want to try. Do you think I can do it?

We strongly believe that everyone can learn Indonesian. Our aim is to help our students, who might have different learning style and capacity, learn Indonesian and reach their goal.

Read more about what we believe here.

How do you run your classes?

Our classes cover all elements of the language (speaking/writing/reading/listening) methodologically.

Read more about our teaching method here.

I cannot attend some of the classes. Can I just pay for the total number of classes that I can attend?

For your learning progress, it will be ideal if you can attend all of the classes in your course. However, we are also aware that making an 8-week commitment is not always easy with things that are happening in your life. So yes, you can pay just for the total number of classes that you can attend.

Please contact us to get more details on how to organise this.

Is parking available?

Our building doesn’t have any parking available but you can book a parking spot at the nearest Wilson Parking (175 Liverpool St – entry Nithsdale St) for $7-9 for the whole night.

Find more information about the parking spot here.