The vocabularies used in each of the exercises will build up progressively. New words will be introduced in each chapters but they are all relevant to the topics.

For you who have been exposed to the Indonesian language, you might realise that Indonesians tend to add words that do not seem to belong in that particular sentence. Although we fully acknowledge that such is the case, the vocabularies that are used ILC’s materials are chosen carefully to suit the level of the students. You will surely find new words here and there but we also provide supports in knowing the words beforehand by using other platform such as quizlet (link) or by adding word familiarisation exercises before going deeper.

As the level increases, the expectation will then increase. However, we also remember that knowing how the words look like does not mean that learners will automatically know how it will sound like and that is why we are here!

You can find some words that are used in each chapter below:

Chapter 1

bahasa, bapak, berbicara, berlibur, bisa, dan, dari, dia, juga, saya, sekarang, tapi, teman, and many more…

Chapter 2

adik, anak, apa, atau, bahasa, berbicara, bisa, dia, juga, nama, orang, sedikit, tapi, tinggal and many more…

Chapter 10

ada, belum, beberapa, bermain, di luar, harus, jalan, kecil, kedua, kenapa, kurang, minum, yang mana and many more…

Chapter 20

baru, beli, besar, gratis, hadiah, harga, kurang lebih, permisi, setengah, tas, toko, yang mana  and many more…

Do I need to know a lot of Indonesian words to use these exercises?

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